By now, most of you are familiar with me and my writings. Hopefully you enjoy reading what I have to say because you’ll be seeing a lot more of my words at Donklephant. Justin has kindly asked me to be a more permanent part of this website and provide my daily opinions on the most pressing and/or interesting issues.

I am, for the most part, a right-of-center guy, although I submit to no orthodoxy and am generally unwelcome in either major political party. No one agrees with me all the time and I’m glad for that. There are a lot of sites with a cadre of writers all churning out variations on the same opinions — I wouldn’t want to be a part of that. Donklephant is more my style and it’s a testament to Justin’s commitment to providing varied viewpoints that he’s asked me to take on a larger role despite knowing I will disagree with him often and with joy.

But, as is my temperament, I will disagree civilly and hope for the same from all the commenters here. Do know that I have no motives other than political debate. Yes, I occasionally get caught in a spin cycle or jump to conclusions too rapidly. But I make every effort to steer clear of the congenital perfidy that textures so much of political discussion. I’ll strongly support my beliefs and my candidates but not to the point of playing the fool. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. If you’re wrong, I’ll tell you so.

This election season is going to be contentious. They always are. But if we do it right, Donklephant will be a home for views from both sides of the divide and everywhere in between. I’m excited to be a major part of that.

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