Some conservative radio show talk host acted like a, well, a conservative radio show talk host at one of McCain’s rallies. So when McCain found out he called him out on it.

From The Swamp:

Cunningham called Sen. Barack Obama a “hack Chicago-style Daley politician.” He also said he couldn’t wait until the media “peeled the bark” off Obama and accused the senator from Illinois of dubious financial dealings.

What’s more, he kept dropping the H-bomb, as in Hussein which is, of course, Obama’s middle name. […] “Hussein” is often used by many of the senator’s fiercest critics to insinuate something sinister about Obama since the name obviously has plenty of negative associations for many Americans, thanks to the late U.S. and Bush family nemesis.

So McCain apologized. He told reporters after the rally that he hadn’t heard Cunningham’s schtick because he hadn’t arrived at the hall yet. But after his staff told him what Wild Bill said, McCain wasted no time in saying he was sorry.

“I take responsibility and I repudiate what he said,” McCain gamely said. “I will not tolerate anything in this campaign that denigrates either Sen. Obama or Sen. (Hillary) Clinton.”

Bravo John.

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