Prominent Hillary Clinton supporter, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, has formally switched sides and is now backing Barack Obama. In a statement, Lewis says:

”Something is happening in America. There is a movement, there is a spirit, there is an enthusiasm in the hearts and minds of the American people that I have not seen in a long time, since the candidacy of Robert Kennedy. The people are pressing for a new day in American politics, and I think they see Sen. Barack Obama as a symbol of that change.

“This has been a difficult decision for me. I have a deep and abiding love for both Sen. Clinton and President Clinton. Senator Clinton is a brilliant and capable candidate. Regardless of what happens in November, the Democratic Party will be making history. However, the people of my district have spoken, and I think that as their vessel, I should represent their wishes at the convention.”

So, which is it? Is he supporting Obama because that’s the way the winds are blowing and he wants a piece of the breeze or is he supporting Obama because his constituents overwhelmingly voted for the Illinois senator on Super Tuesday? If it were the latter, wouldn’t he have made this announcement sooner or even have held back his endorsement until the voters in his district spoke?

Whatever the reason, this is just more bad news for Clinton. Not only is she losing one of her most prominent black supporters but Lewis has set the precedent for other Clinton super-delegates to switch their allegiance with the excuse “my constituents made me do it.”

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