Me thinks she thinks we be dumb…

Senator Obama has campaigned hard in these states. He has spent time meeting editorial boards, courting endorsers, holding rallies, and – of course – making speeches.

If he cannot win all of these states with all this effort, there’s a problem.

Should Senator Obama fail to score decisive victories with all of the resources and effort he is bringing to bear, the message will be clear:

Democrats, the majority of whom have favored Hillary in the primary contests held to date, have their doubts about Senator Obama and are having second thoughts about him as a prospective standard-bearer.

As anybody who follows this campaign knows, he has made up considerable ground since Super Tuesday in Ohio and Texas. Before then he was trailing by 15 points or more in either state. SHE was favored in the big states, not him.

I also like how the memo also notes that he has – of course – made speeches. Because remember, wink wink, that’s all he does…well, except for meeting editorial boards, courting endorsers and holding rallies. But that’s it, he doesn’t do anything else.

Ezra Klein weighs in…

Who is this aimed at? Political reporters know it’s dumb. Political junkies know it’s dumb. Superdelegates aren’t going to be taken in by it. What’s the target audience? And why aren’t they making better arguments?

Ben Smith shares too…

Certainly, big Clinton wins in Ohio and Texas would signal some inability of Obama to close the deal. But the bar for Clinton is probably a bit higher than going one for four.

And I continue to sit back and shake my head. They can’t be this bad at this, can they?

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