Could mw be right? Could Andrew Sullivan’s worst nightmares come true?

Two polls show Hillary closing the gap and even leading in Texas.

First, Public Policy Polling (pdf) shows Hill with 50% to Obama’s 44%.

Then, Rasumuseen shows a dead heat:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, conducted Sunday, finds Barack Obama with a statistically insignificant one-point lead over Hillary Clinton. It’s Obama 48% Clinton 47%. Five percent (5%) are undecided and 6% say they could still change their mind.

These results show the race has gotten a bit closer in the past few days. Last week, Obama enjoyed a four-point lead and the Illinois Senator had been gaining ground steadily for two weeks. Now, it appears that Clinton has at least temporarily halted Obama’s momentum. It remains to be seen whether she car reverse it.

Things are getting interesting!

I added an “I Told You So” tag to this post, just in case mw’s predictions prove to be right. And if Hillary wins, look for his post with the title, “Nana-Nana Boo Boo.” It’s sure to be filled with humility and deference.

Commenter “kritter” suggests a “Boy Was I Wrong” tag. This too is for mw. 😀

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