That’s the claim from Mark Penn, so take that for what it’s worth…

From TPM:

Mark Penn, on a conference call with reporters just now, suggested that that the controversial red-phone-ringing-at-3-A.M. ad is resonating with “millions” of voters.

Asked for some evidence of this, Penn asserted that the campaign’s internal polls support the claim. “What we’re seeing internally,” Penn said, is that the ad has kicked off a new round of debate and that it has persuaded women that “she is the one ready to be commander in chief.”

He added that the internals show that the ad has people saying, “Oh yeah, maybe we didn’t realize that national security and commander in chief [credentials] have been important and will be important in trying to defeat Senator McCain.”

If that type of ad is really still working, I think McCain will easily become President against Hillary. He’ll be able to dismantle her flip-flopping on the war issue and argue that he’s the guy who stays consistent when “your” security is on the line.

Politics “It’s 3 a.m.” Ad Is Working?