Well, they’re technically tied 49% to 49%, but she has more votes now.

Clinton – 731,235 – 49%
Obama – 723,944 – 49%

The biggest caveat with these numbers? They don’t include Dallas, Houston or Austin. So we might see a big swing back toward Obama after those come in.

Keep checking back!

She pulls into the lead for real…

Clinton – 772,543 – 50%
Obama – 753,832 – 49%

The big cities should be coming in momentarily.

Want to know how crazy the delegate math is?

These are the latest numbers from Texas:

Hillary Clinton – 776,495 – 49.59%
Barack Obama – 758,974 – 48.47%

She’s leading right? Well, in the popular vote, yes, but in the delegate count she’s losing by a lot.

In fact, Hillary has won 57 delegates tonight and Barack has won 69. Yep, 12 more delegates with clearly less vote.

Now just imagine what happens when the vote comes in from the big cities.

Politics Clinton Takes The Lead In Texas