Where is he getting this from?

Obama – 453,678 – 58%
Clinton – 326,890 – 41%

CNN shows this, with 1% voting…

Obama – 484,961 – 56%
Hillary – 368,373 – 43%

How many voters will there be in the Texas primary? In California, there were 4.1 million. In New York, there were only 1.7 million. Those are the two biggest contests so far. Right now we’re looking at over 800,000 votes in already in Texas. How many more can there be? Because obviously that 1% is a massive precinct, most likely Dallas or Houston.

More as it develops…

Apparently what we’re seeing are the early votes…

A number of readers have asked about something seemingly screwy about the Texas numbers. There are roughly 1% of precincts reporting. And yet there are about 800,000 votes cast. Now, we know Texas is an awfully big state. But did 80 million Texans really show up today? Well, no. Here’s the answer. These are the early votes, the ones that weren’t cast today. And the percentage of returns are precincts reporting, not votes. And my understanding is that in each county all the early votes count as one precinct.

At least that’s the speculation.

Politics Drudge Shows Huge Obama Lead In Texas