Politico lays out how Hillary Clinton can still win. Read the whole thing but here are their five reasons, in truncated form:

1) Saturday Night Live revealed what was already obvious to many: Barrack Obama gets too much love from reporters, even when he says the most cliché, vapid things

2) Clinton enforcer Howard Wolfson has harangued reporters into getting tough on Obama.

3) The campaign has retired Bill Clinton and let Hillary take center stage.

4) Voters may be buying the Clinton assertion that she’s the victim of sexism.

5) Tony Rezko.

We all love to predict where a story is going before it gets there. For most of the last few weeks, pundits (amateur and paid) have predicted an Obama victory today. Now the contrarians are speaking and they see a Hillary resurgence. The polls, in my personal view, are all but worthless. The “likely voters” being polled make up only a fraction of the record numbers of actual voters who are turning out.

From my vantage point, I think Clinton ran a better campaign in Texas but I don’t know if that will be enough to stop the Obama momemtum that took over the Lone Star state a few weeks ago. I can’t speak for Ohio, but when the Texas numbers start coming in, take a look at how San Antonio is voting. The mix of Hispanic and white urbanites should be telling. If Obama does well here, he’ll win the state. If not, we can start looking seriously at those top five reasons printed above.

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