Actually I know the answer to this one, or at least I think I do.

It’s because the polls haven’t closed yet and it’s possible they’ll stay open quite late in some parts of the weather beaten state.

But right now, with 21% reporting, she’s up 59% to 39%. I don’t see how Obama can make up enough ground to actually beat her. I mean, I do know that Cleveland is one of the locales that won’t close polls until late, but still…there’s no way.

Put Ohio in Hill’s column. It’s done.

Josh Marshall concurs…

So here’s a question. Almost 40% of the votes are in in Ohio. And Hillary Clinton has a big 16 point margin which really hasn’t budged much all evening. So why haven’t they called this thing yet? According to Chuck Todd on MSNBC a number of big cities, which are supposed to be Obama strongholds, still haven’t reported yet. Still, he’d have to manage something pretty extraordinary in those jurisdictions to even get this one close.

Just call it already folks. Obama is not going to get 65% of the vote in the big cities. It ain’t gonna happen. I applaud the fact that they don’t want to discourage people from voting since polls are still open, but it’s almost 11 on the east coast. Call it a night.

Here’s some spin from the Obama campaign…

Obama campaign advisers are privately urging the networks and media figures to consider, as they evaluate the incoming results, that in Ohio there are areas where as much as 15% of the vote is provisional ballots. […]

In conversations with media figures, Obama aides are pointing out that the nets erroneously called Missouri for Hillary before the provisional ballots came in and were later forced to reverse the results when those ballots came in from the St. Louis area and put Obama over the top.

Sure, they did get Missouri wrong, but it was much closer by this time, wasn’t it? Honestly, I can’t remember now, but I do remember I called it for Obama before the nets did.

Still, I think Hill has Ohio locked up.

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