Looks like do-overs could be in the offing, but only if the states will cooperate.

From AP:

DNC Chairman Howard Dean issued a statement Wednesday that seemed to leave the matter for the states to resolve.

Dean said Michigan and Florida have two options: either submit a new plan for a process for choosing their convention delegates, or appeal to the Convention Credentials Committee, which resolves issues about the seating of delegates.

“The Democratic Nominee will be determined in accordance with party rules, and out of respect for the presidential campaigns and the states that did not violate party rules, we are not going to change the rules in the middle of the game,” he said.

So far, neither state is willing to do a full primary again. But there has been talk of caucuses or something called a “Firehouse” primary, which would involve fewer polling places…

House and Senate Democrats from Florida and Michigan planned to meet Wednesday night on Capitol Hill to discuss ways of getting their state’s delegates seated at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August, Democratic aides said.

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said the party is open to another vote, as long as it meets three criteria. Both candidates would have to fully participate, a source of funding would have to be provided and it would have to allow all the state’s Democrats to participate, including those serving in the military overseas. So far, she said, no suggested alternative has met those requirements.

“It is very possible that no satisfactory alternative plan will emerge, in which case Florida Democrats will remain committed to seating the delegates allocated by the January 29th primary,” Thurman said in a statement.

And just for those who think Obama is opposed to seating the delegates, he’s not. He just wants the delegates to come from a contest where both candidates have a chance to campaign. You know, a REAL contest.

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