Good luck with that…

From TPM:

Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) seems to be backing away from a trial balloon that he would support a new Democratic primary in Florida — and he’s joined by Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) in standing firm on the January rogue primaries.

Crist and Granholm have put out a joint statement demanding that the Democratic and Republican National Committees seat delegates for both states. All of the Democratic delegates and half the Republican delegates were stripped from those states, because they broke the national parties’ established rules for when the contests should have been held.

“The right to vote is at the very foundation of our democracy,” the statement says. “This primary season, voters have turned out in record numbers to exercise that right, and it is reprehensible that anyone would seek to silence the voices of 5,163,271 Americans.”

The best these states can hope for is a do over, but that doesn’t seem likely either. Still, these politicos have to speak up for their voters, so I understand why they’re calling for this.

Question: could NOT seating these delegates hurt the Dems chances of winning theses states come November?

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