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Didn’t The DNC See Florida Disaster Coming?


I said this back in August 2007 when I first heard that the DNC was penalizing Florida because they moved up their primary…

How in the hell does that make sense? Florida is usually one of THE swing states. Doesn’t it make sense for it to be a deciding factor for the Dem nomination?

Now Senator Governor Bill Nelson says this…

“If they go to the Democratic Convention and stiff-arm the Florida delegations, how in the world do you think Floridians are going to support the Democratic nominee on Nov. 4?” Nelson told reporters Thursday. “It’s in everybody’s interest to find a solution to this problem.”

How did they not see this coming? How did they not understand that a state as big as Florida wouldn’t cry foul?

Of course maybe they thought Florida is a red state now and are instead focusing on Ohio. After all, the contest was a lot closer there in 2004 than in Florida.

What a mess…