It was a strange weekend this time around in the city, I think the sunshine last week and warm weather confused us just a bit. How can we think about nightlife when that big hot bright round thing in the sky is teasing us? Add to this the missing daylight savings hour and the overnight appearance of pink trees, and it could be possible, nay, probable, that Spring is just a few more rainy, cold, dreary weeks away.

This is your report from the front lines, from the streets of your city: what goes on, who is jamming, where the party is and what kind of craziness and fun is going down in Seattle:

Wednesday brought musician Ari Joshua back to the SeaMonster in Wallingford with friends Joe Doria, Rois Shorter, and Mesa Taylor for a small going-away party; he had a 26 hour flight to Africa the next day. The SeaMonster is THE BEST BAR IN SEATTLE hands down; with blue-green Christmas light ambiance and a topless mermaid on the wall, could you ever go wrong? Danny Godinez and Pura Fe held a CD release party at The Tractor in Ballard; if you missed it you can catch him at least at TosT in Fremont on Monday. He will rock, for sure. Next up I found myself at the Seattle punk institution The Funhouse where The Misplacements played their best show yet to a very small crowd of fans; something about being in The Funhouse makes me want to scream and spit when I talk. The punk gets in you, as does the free beer for the band from the VIP room. It rocks. My last stop of the night was the SeeSound Lounge for a stranger’s birthday party (don’t you love that?); of course by the end of the night no one was a stranger. Local photographer Ev was in the crowd and deejay Jason Marble laid it down sick-like for the cupcake-eating crowd: if you’ve never heard “Sweet Child of Mine” mixed with fatty bass beats, you should: it just might blow your mind.

Thursday I chilled at the Harvey Danger show at The Triple Door (read my review here) then headed to Pioneer Square; Trinity is doing a Free Bass night every week now showcasing local breaks and drum and bass talent like DJ Ryle whom I just met this week; let me say the boy can straight lay it down! Free Bass nights at Trinity should be on the list of anyone who is addicted to the bass; you know who you are. Thursday nights for me are almost always capped off at Club Contour, where a sick group of deejays and dancers and friends never ever fail to have a good time and then some. Jisaan, Miguel, Lovevirus, Pressha and others kept the floor bumpin’ until 4AM, as usual.

Friday brought the absolute best party of the week at Fado where the Produkt deejays slayed the weekend night Pioneer Square crowd with the fat beats and hot dancers. I realize that not everyone can go out every night like me, and it makes me smile to see the variety in the crowd which show up downtown on weekend nights. I meet students and parents, too-cool emo kids to not-cool-at-all emo adults, tourists who are always told to go to Pioneer Square for a good time and locals who rarely go there for a bad time, girls in tiny silver skirts and boys in shiny shirts: I meet them all, and they all come for a good time. Yes. The night finished at Studio Seven where some San Fran deejays and locals were spinning to a small birthday crowd; it was too small really for the big venue, and the party never really got started at the all-ages club.

Saturday found me at Pioneer Square doing the usual nightly tour, but this time I discovered a new attraction, a killer sushi place just a couple blocks west of the Square. Nijo is a sushi bar tucked into Post Alley which serves a ridiculous happy hour Thursday through Saturday from 10PM to midnight: $4 Lychee Martinis and Wasabi Bloody Marys and $3 fried calamari, baked mussels, and mmm mmm mmm: sushi. The happy hour dishes are delicious and the music is even better; Saturday night local superstar deejays Danger and Noisemaker dropped beats more head clearing than the wasabi. I will be back. The night wrapped up with The Pirates of Puget Sound, a big all-ages raver party down at Motor in SoDo. It was, by all measurements, a wicked insane party, great visuals, plenty of people dressed as pirates or at least in stripes; crunk beats (especially out of Sonny Chiba and Nyx on the decks), and a great space for the venue. Well, it is until you let way too many partiers in- the place was absolutely, positively, jam-freaking packed. Which is the way a rave is supposed to be, but you also need to be able to get out for fresh air that isn’t 100+ degrees, and at the Motor you had to wait in a massive mob of pushers just to get outside, get out of the crowd, and breathe. It seems too often that this is the experience at underage parties in Seattle, I think someone needs to get these kids to a big, open field under the stars and let them do their thing. Good thing Spring is right around the corner.

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