Did anybody hear the latest Penn Spinâ„¢? You know, the memes from Clinton spinmeister Mark Penn that are so obviously intellectually dishonest you actually get dizzy from listening to them?

Well, here’s the latest gem about Hillary’s wins last Tuesday…

“We broke his momentum completely.”

Oh…losing my equilibrium…need to hold onto something…wait, there’s the truth…if I can just grab a hold…got it!

This is obviously BS, but let’s just say it’s true (for once) and now Hillary has the big Mo. I think it’s fair to hear Penn’s answer to the question posed in the title. Because after Obama routed Hill in the Wyoming caucuses and is set to do the same in the Mississippi primaries, will her momentum be broken…completely?

Or were those unimportant states too?

Looking at the numbers, American Research Group shows him leading 54% to 38% in Mississippi. She has made up some ground in the past week in that poll, but not enough to get above 40%. Rasmussen shows a similar spread, 53% to 39%.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Penn Spinâ„¢ is come Wednesday morning.

I can hardly wait!

Politics If Obama Wins Mississippi Tomorrow, Has He Stopped Hillary’s Momentum?