How very un-Reagan of him.

From Politico:

Mitt Romney said in his first interview since departing the GOP race that he would accept the number two position on the ticket and that there is no lingering bitterness between him and John McCain.

“I think any Republican leader in this country would be honored to be asked to serve as the vice presidential nominee, myself included,” Romney told FOX’s Sean Hannity in a broadcast set to air tonight. “Of course this is a nation which needs strong leadership. And if the nominee of our party asked you to serve with him, anybody would be honored to receive that call … and to accept it, of course.”

This would have the appearance of helping McCain’s economic weaknesses, but Romney’s record in Massachusetts isn’t exactly stellar in that regards.

Still, he’s already doing what any potential Republican VP nominee’s main job would be …attacking McCain’s opponents so he doesn’t have to…

“When it comes to national security, John McCain is the big dog, and they are the chihuahuas,” he said.

McCain/Romney…what do you moderate Republicans think about that?

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