The High Dive and The Crocodile Cafe do and um, did a lot for the Seattle music scene. Yeah, I’ll be at the High Dive Thursday March 20th for the Japan Nite US Tour 2008. Scandal will be there and they’re cool! Out of town bands as well as local bands love the vibe that the High Dive manages to pull off. The music lovers dig it too! It’s good to have you around.

A lot has been said about the Crocodile Cafe’s closing. All I want to say is that when I’m in my senior years kicking my feet up on some sunny lawn chair, I will always remember these three things about the Croc: 1). The killer bands 2). The great sound when you’re standing stage right (am I right?) 3). The super squishy seats at the bar. I’m sorry to see you go!

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