Hillary accepted a debate in Pennsylvania first. Obama and his team subsequently said yes to that one and added North Carolina into the mix. No word on whether or not Hillary will accept North Carolina, but my guess is she’ll accept a debate in a laundromat at this point.

TPM has the details:

Today, Barack Obama accepted invitations to nationally televised debates with Senator Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia on April 16th and in North Carolina on April 19th.

The Pennsylvania debate will be hosted by ABC News and held in the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 16. The North Carolina debate, hosted by CBS News at a location to be determined, will be hosted by CBS and moderated by Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer.

The funny thing is, North Carolina may not be the last one we see. Because is it just me or does it feel like this thing is going all the way to the convention?

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