My guess is if they don’t redo the contest, they’ll simply seat the candidates equally. There’s really no other way, aside from trying to get delegates seated based on illegal election results.

From the AP:

The head of Florida’s Democratic Party said Thursday the proposed vote-by-mail presidential primary is unlikely to go forward because of strong opposition and concerns about conducting the vote.

Karen Thurman said she is asking Democratic leaders, the national party and presidential candidates Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton to consider the option as the best way to resolve the delegate dispute. Florida had all 210 of its delegates to the national convention stripped after it violated national party rules by moving up its primary to January.

When asked if the alternative will be implemented, knowing what she knows about potential problems executing the plan and widespread concerns, Thurman said, “I have a feeling that this is probably closer to not, than yes.”

Here’s the worst part for Clinton:

All nine Democratic House members from Florida oppose the idea, including Clinton backers.

Again, it’s highly unlikely the delegates will be sat according to the illegal vote.

More as it develops…

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