Seriously. 13%.

This from a new WSJ/NBC poll (pdf) out today.

What’s worrisome about this is the same pollsters asked people back in December the same question and the number who believed Obama was a muslim then was only 8%. This suggests the whisper campaign is working and that’s incredibly disheartening.

So how to combat the ignorance? Well, I’m sure some of it’s willful, so it’ll be impossible to drive the number down to 0%. But it might be helpful to start asking friends and acquaintances what they believe. Because chances are you may know somebody who potentially thinks this. After all, 13% represents about 1/8th of the electorate.

Time to correct the record one person at a time. It’s the only just and right thing to do.

Politics Poll: 13% Of Voters Are Fooled By Obama/Muslim Smear