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Reverend Wright Becoming Big Problem For Barack


First we had the comparisons of rich, white Americans to the Romans who killed Jesus. Then we had the suggestion that America should be damned by God for being unfair with our drug laws and now a “We deserved 9/11” statement.


Polimom shares her thoughts…

Wright’s statements that the US brought 9/11 on itself is hardly a unique view (though his historical connections are pretty unusual). Personally, I think it’s a radically simplified, linear, and ultimately unhelpful conclusion, but the fundamental basis for that type of thinking isn’t fiction.

So — inflammatory rhetoric from a sometimes racially-hostile preacher means what, exactly?

Normally nothing, but – he’s been the head of Barack Obama’s church, and his spiritual advisor, for many years. To use the prior metaphor again, Wright’s world view has been part of Obama’s diet, and we (Americans) need to know how much affect this has had.

I firmly believe that Barack Obama’s feelings and views about race are precisely as he’s presented them — both on the campaign trail and in his books. However, I also think Obama’s going to have to draw very strong, clear distinctions between himself and Jeremiah Wright for the citizens of this country — much more than he’s thus far done.

And he needs to do it soon.

Agreed. This guy is poisonous, especially since I think we can all agree that Obama would never endorse any of these statements.

It’s high time Barack made some sort of statement denouncing this nonsense. And as Polimom suggests, the sooner the better.