Seems like a lot of Edwards’ supporters jumped on the Barack bandwagon.

From TPM:

The Iowa caucuses might have been over two months ago, but Barack Obama is still making gains off of them. In today’s Iowa county Democratic conventions — which those caucus delegates were elected to participate in — Obama picked up the votes of roughly half of John Edwards’ former supporters, netting him seven delegates.

Going into the June state Democratic convention, where the federal delegates will finally be selected, Obama is projected to have 23 delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 14, with eight remaining delegates still either for Edwards or uncommitted.

Updated delegate totals from AP:

  • Obama: 1,610
  • Clinton: 1,496

However, CNN has this:

  • Obama: 1,611
  • Clinton: 1,480

Both of these totals include superdelegate support. So either he’s ahead by 114 or ahead by 131.

Either way, it’s becoming harder and harder for Hillary to catch up. The last numbers I heard is that she’d have to get 63% of the remaining delegates after Mississipppi to catch up, and that would mean she’d have to get 68% to 70% of the vote in EVERY state from here on out.

More as it develops…

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