Make my jambalaya spicy, put okra in the gumbo, fry up the sliced pickles, and turn up the Zydeco! Captain Leroy and the Zydeco Locals bring Cajun music to Seattle on Thursday night at the China Harbor Restaurant, a cross-cultural evening of rockin’ jams and foot stomping, not to be missed whether you are a zydeco fan or have never even heard of the happy dancing music from the South.

Zydeco music originated in the late 19th century on the streets of New Orleans in the French-speaking community which was at the time a melange of Creoles (Francophones of mixed race from the Caribbean islands) and Acadians kicked out of Canada by the Brits (and the source of our word Cajun). The first zydeco song to make it big was about green beans, or les haricots; somehow the English translation of the word became ‘zydeco’, and the name stuck.

You won’t need any translation Thursday night as Captain Leroy and the Zydeco Locals bring music from the wet swamps of Louisiana to the wet streets of Seattle. Zydeco is all about dancing with a partner, and the syncopated beat and clacks of the rubboard will make your toes go off like you were on a porch in the bayou. The Captain sings in English and French as he plays the accordian; add to this the passion and energy inherent in zydeco music, and you’ve got a party at The China Harbor Restaurant. Please pass the green beans!

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