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Poll: Hillary Widens Lead In Pennsylvania


In March 18th’s Quinnipiac poll, she leads 53% to 41%. Their last poll was taken in late February, so I can’t help but think the Wright story has hurt Obama here. That seems to be the trend if you note the demographic breakdowns…

  • White voters go with Clinton 61 – 33 percent, compared to 56 – 37 percent February 27.
  • Black voters back Obama 76 – 18 percent, compared to 69 – 23 percent February 27.
    Women back Clinton 59 – 35 percent.
  • Men go 48 percent for Obama to 45 percent for Clinton, compared to February 27 when men backed him 50 – 43 percent.
  • Obama gets 50 percent of Democrats with a college degree, to Clinton’s 45 percent.
    Among voters with no college degree, Clinton leads 57 – 37 percent.
  • Voters under 45 back Obama 57 – 39 percent while voters over 45 back Clinton 60 – 34 percent.

Also of note, a Public Policy Polling’s March 18th study (pdf) shows Hillary at 56% and Obama at 30%. Obviously there’s 14% worth of room in there for Obama to make up ground, but if they split that, Hillary will get the big win Pennsylvania she needs to keep going. This doesn’t mean the delegate math will end up in her favor, but maybe she can make one last ditch pitch to the superdelegates with her “big state” meme.

One last thing…the Pennsylvania contest is still over a month away on April 22. Think Obama can close at least some of this gap by then?