Based on the justice’s demeanors and questions during today’s 2nd Amendment Supreme Court case, early guesses have the court overturning the DC handgun ban. There also looks to be a 5-4 split with the four most liberal justices bowing to the “common defense” interpretation of the amendment which focuses on the “militia” aspect as grounds for constitutionally restricting gun ownership.

The swing-vote is assumed to be Justice Anthony Kennedy and he seemed to be leaning to a more straight-forward interpretation that guarantees citizens the right to bear arms including handguns. A 5-4 split would be unfortunately predictable as it would reinforce the notion that our Constitution is completely malleable and wholly subject to the ideologies of our Supreme Court justices. For this issue, I would like to see some uncommon agreement between the liberals and conservatives on the court.

We’ll most likely have their decision sometime in June.

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