He’s at it again.

First, here’s his interpretation of what Obama said about black Americans…

I think it’s a good speech because I know how some people react to it; the target audience will be ‘inspired’ by his speech. So, it’s a good speech. But for me: it’s mostly empty rhetoric disguised as deep thoughts and he’s, as I see it, saying everyone should just accept that blacks – seemingly all blacks according to Obama – hate America, hate Jews and hate whites.

Okay folks, if you’ve seen or read the speech by now you know that Obama didn’t say, nor did he imply, that all blacks hate America, etc. What he did touch on is that there is still a lot of resentment on both sides of racial divide and its time we address it in earnest and try to work through it.

What’s sad is this is the type of thing I’d expect from the right-wing noise machine, not a moderate blogger. And what makes his statements all the more shocking is how many voices from the right have applauded Obama for his candor and honesty, including Mike Huckabee this morning. Obviously Michael is entitled to his opinion, but what he’s saying here isn’t opinion, it’s laughable distortion that many on the right wing seem to already be distancing themselves from with their approval of Obama’s speech.

But the hits keep coming, and this one is even worse than the first…

Also interesting to see that he finally admitted that he was in Church when Wright said some of the things we saw him say on video. He denied that at first.

No two ways about it, this is just plain false.

Obama did say he has been in church when Wright has said controversial things, but he has stated repeatedly that he wasn’t in the church during the sermons that have appeared on YouTube and all over the media. If it’s uncovered down the road that Obama was indeed in the church during what I’m now calling “The YouTube Sermons”, he’ll have to answer for that. In fact, it’ll most likely be the end of his campaign. But that’s not what he said in his speech.

For Michael to suggest otherwise isn’t just disappointing, it’s telling. Because either he hasn’t been paying close enough attention to what has been said or he simply doesn’t care about being honest when it comes to the topic of Obama. I sincerely hope it’s the former, but after seeing him launch a consistent anti-Obama campaign day in and day out at his blog, I have serious fears that it’s the latter.

And so it goes…

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