It’s on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s off, George Soros may be funding it, the Obama camp is playing coy with whether or not they’ll do it, the Michigan legislature can’t seem to agree, the Michigan legislature can seem to agree….and this has happened in the past three days!

But now the DNC has agreed to a plan, and it’s up to the Obama team to say yes.

From TPM:

We have recently been asked whether the legislation as proposed by Michigan would fit within the framework of the National Party’s Delegate Selection Rules. Our review of this legislation indicates that it would, in fact, fit within the framework of the Rules if, it were, passed by the state legislature and used by the Michigan State Democratic Party as the basis of drafting a formal Delegate Selection Plan. If a formal Delegate Selection Plan is received we will convene a meeting of the RBC to consider such a Plan.

However, there is one big problem with the plan, and the Obama team isn’t backing down…

Obama’s campaign specifically objects to a provision that would ban voters from the second election who participated in the state’s Republican primary in January. Michigan holds open primaries, which means that Democrats who voted in the Republican primary would be banned from participating in the June revote. At the same time, Republicans who didn’t vote in their party’s primary in January would be eligible to vote in the June contest.

Here’s the deal…Michigan broke the rules and yes a redo shouldn’t be happening, but I hope they accept this proposal. Because ultimately it’ll mean precious little.

Just get it done and move on.

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