Street ArtAbout 2.5 weeks ago I broke the story about YSL, the best blogger on all things hip-hop in the Northwest (previous culturemob blog on YSL). The man can run a clinic on how to blog with impact. Check out his latest blog on one Sonny Bonoho. By the way, Sonny has this tune called “Telling You Feat Playboy Tre” on his myspace page that’s the best of ol and nu skool rolled into one! Luv it!

Anyway Y is YSL the real deal? He’s motivated to document goings on in the city. He’s motivated by the scene and he’s motivated to make the process of blogging fun. Remember fun? Then remember YSL at Trust me, he ain’t payin’ me to say this.

Hip-hop news flash: Cancer Rising just got added to the Sasquatch Music Festival! Congrats! Go see them on May 24th at the Gorge Amphitheatre!

Go to to find out more about hip-hop events in Seattle

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