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McCain Campaign Suspends Staffer for Rev. Wright Video


Apparently, the John McCain campaign wants no part in using the Rev. Wright controversy in their official strategy. Today, they suspended a staffer (Soren Dayton, unfortunately) for distributing a video of Rev. Wright’s most incendiary comments interspersed with video of Barack Obama in such a way as to make Obama look unpatriotic. The campaign said they are committed to running a respectful race.

While it’s true the McCain campaign hardly needs to personally push the Wright story (the rest of us are doing that without prodding), I am pleased to see McCain and his people once again rising above the usual divisiveness. Obama talks a lot about “uniting” but, while the Illinois Senator is needlessly mocking McCain for his Iran/Al Qaeda misstatement (one McCain quickly corrected), McCain is stopping staffers from exploiting the Rev. Wright situation.

I’m not saying McCain is a saint or that Obama is duplicitous but, as far as I can tell, McCain the only one in this campaign who’s acted in a unifying way rather than just calling for unity. Hopefully he can keep this up.