That’s right, there’s a pillow fighting epidemic going on and frankly, I find the entire mess distracting! Just when you thought pillow fights at were a thing of the past.

So, I’m minding my own business thinking of interesting topics to blog about when all of a sudden I receive this message from lady3jane. Her comment: Here’s another update on the pillow fight aftermath:

So I checkout the blog and read that organizer Brook Fulton and a few of her friends make nice with the Seattle Parks Department. As a result the SPD are off the case. Well done. Now I can get back to blogging about jello right? Wrong! I continue to read the blog and discover that “World Pillow Fight Day” is this Saturday…Tomorrow! And sure enough, there’s another link to yet another blog (, which then leads me to another blog ( So now I have the full scoop on the next TWO pillow fights! With all this pillow fighting going on, I’m wondering what are the best fun things to fight with? Here’s my top 5 list.

1. Snowballs
2. Jello
3. Water Balloons
4. Pillows
5. Tomatoes

To find fun events in Seattle, go to

Community Pillow Fighting: Epidemic