Some more discouraging news for the Obama camp surrounding the controversy that refuses to die. Because many people didn’t watch or read his speech and so their opinions remain static and overwhelmingly negative.

From InsiderAdvantage:

March 20, 2008 — Barack Obama’s speech about race on Tuesday impressed many who witnessed it or read it. But most of America did neither, and many of them — white and black — were less persuaded of the speech’s capacity to heal racial wounds, or to put the issue of race behind Obama as he continues his quest for the White House.

That’s according to a new poll by InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion.

First, we screened poll respondents to find those who were aware that Obama’s pastor was in the news. A startling 82% knew about Obama’s speech, and about the controversy surrounding the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Of those who knew about the controversy and the speech, we asked, “Taking all this into account, are you more or less likely to support Obama for president?”

Less likely (52%)
More likely (19%)
About the same (27%)
No opinion (2%)

The Obama camp needs to really consider how to get that speech, or at least portions of it, out in the public zeitgeist. Just putting it on YouTube isn’t enough, and given that it’s a 30 minute speech, some abbreviated version that he can take on the road may be needed.

We shall see…

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