Larry Lessig and Joe Trippi announced this Thursday what Change Congress will be.

Here’s more from Wired…

The professor wants legislators to promise to do four things which he says will reduce the influence of money on policymaking: To promise not to accept money from lobbyists and political action committees; support public financing of elections; commit to passing legislation to permanently ban the funneling of money to their districts’ projects of questionable worth; and to commit to “compel transparency in the functioning of congress.”

Candidates can signal their intentions to take any one or all of the pledges by filling out a form at the organization’s web site, which then formulates code that provides a graphic that the candidates can then place on their election campaign web sites.

The Change Congress project hopes that citizens will track congressional candidates’ positions on these issues by reporting on them at the web site. The project will then map these results onto a Google map.

The video from the launch…

Interested? Then go to Change Congress and do your part.

And if you’re not motivated to act yet, then just make sure you know what’s going on and see if it’s something you’d be interested in. I think it’s highly important work led by a guy who is incredibly smart and just might be able to, well, change Congress.

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