Thursday nights are always a phat dance night for us music lovers prowling the streets of Seattle, but this week’s Beatcon Breakdown will be especially rabid as UK’s BreakBeatBuddha comes to the Emerald City to drop his thick, crunked-out, glitch-thick hip-hop style. Unofficially part of San Francisco’s burgeoning glitch scene, BreakBeatBuddha is known internationally for his sticky underground beats and archetypal anthems for those of us embedded in the cultural revolution. The night opens with Seattle scene legend Osiris Indriya, followed by madman Noisemaker who will as usual turn the dance floor into a sweaty mess of bassheads before BreakbeatBuddha takes the decks to wipe it all up.

What cultural revolution, you say? It’s here, the sound of the future is now. 3B’s take on the role of music and dance is eloquently expressed on his Myspace page; he wants “to keep pushing the envelope on the sound, the vibe, the purpose and the movement. World events are reaching a climax. Our modern dance culture is fundamental in providing places to express ourselves, to gather in freedom and resistance to the more-prevailing formations of power. That freedom is currently under attack … if we don’t realize the dangers lurking in the shadows and mobilize the power we collectively maintain, slowly but surely, that core rebellious energy will be marketed to banality or legislated to death. The time to act is NOW.”

You have your marching orders; get off your end and get down to The Last Supper Club on Thursday night. Further fueling the night’s madness is the fact that this month’s Beatcon Breakdown is only $5! Insanity! The floor will be packed, get there early and get down- the future of the world may depend on it.

Community BreakBeatBuddha at Beatcon Breakdown: Thursday at the Last Supper Club!