It’s not necessarily a promise, but at least it’s sooner than 3 days before the Pennsylvania primary.

From CNN:

(CNN) — Barack Obama and his wife released their tax returns from 2000 to 2006 on his campaign Web site Tuesday, and the Illinois senator challenged Sen. Hillary Clinton to release hers.

Later, Clinton said she expected to release her tax returns “shortly, I hope within the next week.”

The Obama campaign said Clinton should immediately release her 2006 return, pointing to her decision to lend her campaign $5 million earlier this year.

The Obama camp also cited former President Bill Clinton’s $20 million payout from supermarket holding company Yucaipa as a reason why the couple should release the documents.

I didn’t realize Bill had made that much post-Presidency. Impressive.

I guess it pays to be a former POTUS!

Politics Clinton Will Release Tax Returns “Within The Next Week?”