Fair warning, this is from an Obama campaign email, but I thought the difference in contribution amount is striking…

In February alone, more than 94% of our donors gave in amounts of $200 or less. Meanwhile, campaign finance reports show that donations of $200 or less make up just 13% of Senator McCain’s total campaign funds, and only 26% of Senator Clinton’s.

Obama raised over $55 million in February. That means $51.7 million donations were $200 and under. Folks, I don’t care what you think about the guy, those are historic numbers.

This is what we say we’ve been wanting for the longest time, that money doesn’t influence politicians. And while there are no sure signs that Obama won’t be swayed by big money, I can’t imagine that the $3.3 million given by the other 6% is going to result in much wink-wink nudge-nudge quid pro cronyism.

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