Public Policy Polling has the numbers, and it looks like Obama has gained considerable ground since last week’s race speech. So while it may not be playing in some corners or the country, in others it’s turning out to be box office gold.

Last week the numbers looked like this:

Obama: 44%
Clinton: 43%


Obama: 55%
Clinton: 34%

The demographic breakdowns are:

Blacks: 80%/14%, Obama/Hillary
Whites: 47%/40%, Hillary/Obama

TPM dishes the reality:

With Hillary Clinton facing a big gap in pledged delegates, she now needs to win practically all the remaining contests in order to damage Obama’s public standing and justify a super-delegate win — and this poll isn’t good news for her. For Obama’s part, a huge net delegate win here could potentially make up for just about all the expected Hillary gains from Pennsylvania

Just like Wyoming and Mississippi wiped out any minimal gains from Ohio.

A tough road ahead for Hill. But then again, it always has been since she didn’t plan for the 11 contests between Super Tuesday and the March 4th primaries.

Politics Poll: Obama Up Big In North Carolina, Race Speech Helping?