• Nada Surf plays the first of two performances at the Showbox at the Market tonight, bringing to Seattle their laid-back rock style. You will remember their name from the song “Popular” which indeed was popular back in the day (My mom says I’m a catch/I’m popular/I’m never last picked/I got a cheerleader chick). If nothing else the Nada Surf will remind you how happy you are to be OUT of high school.
  • Not into beach rock? Nine-time Grammy winner Eddie Palmieri spills his particular blend of Latin jazz out onto the piano at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley; if his innovative style doesn’t win you over, his charismatic stage manner will.
  • For the dancers out there, no place can match The Last Supper Club for the $5 Beatcon Breakdown with BreakBeatBuddha from San Francisco. Read my preview of the show here.


  • Analog VIII takes over Rebar every last Friday of the month; this time it’s house music with several local deejays as well as live painters and the Produkt dancers. Rebar’s dance floor is always packed at Analog events, come and make some friends.
  • If you think house music is for lam-o’s, then check out some real musicians at The Triple Door with the Asylum Street Spankers from Austin. With rubboards, stand-up bass and heaps of other magic instruments, these cats jam and have a damn good time doing it.
  • Rockers will enjoy The Cute Lepers (your lesions are adorable!) at the new club King Cobra on Capitol Hill
  • For a bit of wackiness head to Nectar for the Super Sonic Soul Pimps– they have promised a dog collar, box of crayons, and yes, instruments.


  • The Boss is in town! If you love Bruce Springsteen get your tight jeans and American flag bandanna and head to Key Arena for some good old-fashioned rock and roll.
  • The King Cobra goes off again tonight with IceAge Cobra, a psychedelic rock band which will no doubt have all the black-leather and silver-chain clad crowd bobbing heads like they really mean it
  • Jose Gonzalez will mesmerize the Triple Door diners into dribbling their food down their chins; his haunting style on the acoustic guitar just might inspire you to pick one up and learn a few chords.
  • Over in Ballard Velella Velella will fill the Sunset Tavern with their electro-pop sound; buy a drink and get ready to dance.

Get out there, Seattle! Your city is waiting. I’ll see you on the streets.

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