Well, this is interesting:

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows 72% of those surveyed say voters are ready to elect a qualified black candidate, 18% say they’re not. Meanwhile, 71% say Americans are ready to vote for a woman, 20% say they’re not. But only 61% say the voters are prepared to vote for a person over 70, while 29% say they’re not. Not exactly encouraging numbers for McCain and the Republicans.

Who knew? Apparently there is more bias against old people than against African Americans or women. Then again, only one of those groups has an increased chance of dying in office. And that’s really what these results show, right? People are worried that John McCain will croak. Or maybe they think he’ll have a senior moment and launch a nuclear attack when he meant to just page his secretary.

While these numbers aren’t good for McCain, I’m even more disturbed to see that a full one fifth of Americans are so racist and/or sexist as to reject a qualified candidate solely because of their race or gender. I guess prejudices change slowly and one fifth is probably a lot fewer bigots than you would have found even 25 years ago, let alone 50 years ago.

Politics Age Bigger Factor Than Race or Gender