Here he is on CBS this morning…

An aide clarified his statements by saying what he really meant was that he wants this wrapped up before the convention. But hasn’t Hillary been very vocally talking about taking this fight to the credentials committee?

Here’s the thing…she knows she can’t win and my guess is that she’s drawing this out so Obama will put her on the ticket. Because let’s not forget that Hillary, Bill and a bunch of her surrogates actively pushed the “Dream Team” ticket meme in early March, and I think that was a not-so-subtle way of saying, “Hey, this can go two ways. Either accept me as a VP or I’m going to keep bloodying you up. Your choice.”

In early March I talked about why this makes sense….

Strategically this makes even more sense if you think about Hillary wanting to be President. She can ride the Obama wave into the White House, serve 8 years as VP and then run for President after that. OR, if Obama has four years, and then loses in 2012, she can run in 2016. OR, if the Obama movement stalls and McCain somehow pulls this one out, she can run again on the “I told you so” platform in 2012.

But guess what? Obama won’t be bullied into picking her and I think that’s why they’re now threatening to go to the convention. It’s interesting to see Dean talk so candidly about wanting to end it before then, but I guess we’ll see if he has any pull whatsoever in this fight. My guess is he doesn’t.

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