For citizens of Iran, travel outside the country is very rare. is a side-scrolling photo essay that chronicles the trip of a young Iranian guy and his cousin.

Here’s how the trips starts out…

It is extremely difficult for a single Iranian man in his twenties to obtain a visa to visit countries in the West. So when my 25 year old cousin lucked out and got a Schengen visa, we had to take advantage and travel to Europe — his first visit across the borders of Iran. The thing Americans take for granted the most: their passports, which allows them to travel freely.

Due to the US sanctions Iran is not allowed to buy new airplanes. Instead, Iran Air — once one of the world’s safest airlines — now spends millions fixing the planes they already own and keeping them flying at any cost. I didn’t even trust the sticker that read “Life vest under your seat” (roll over). We did land safely in Cologne, Germany, but one of the plastic roof panels fell upon landing!

Definitely check it out.

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