During this political lull between primaries, the one story that keeps coming back around like a bad cold is the notion that an extended primary race is bad for the Democrats.

I fully believe this story is being pushed by Barack Obama’s people because only they have something to lose by a prolonged campaign. They’d much rather cut the race short and declare a winner now. So, they’re sending out their surrogates to moan and groan to the media that “oh, woe is me, this race is destroying the party.” The media is obligingly pushing this meme because making us worried improves ratings and readership (what common household item that you’re using right now could kill you? Tune in at 11).

The AP gives us a doozy of a story today entitled “Party Fears Tight Obama-Clinton Finish.” Of course, those who are “afraid” are all Obama backers. But that’s not the worst of it, read this:

The chief worry is that Clinton may carry her recent winning streak into Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and other states, leaving her with unquestioned momentum but fewer pledged delegates than Obama. Party leaders then would face a wrenching choice: Steer the nomination to a fading Obama, even as signs suggested Clinton could be the stronger candidate in November; or go with the surging Clinton and risk infuriating Obama’s supporters, especially blacks, the Democratic Party’s most loyal base.

Some anxious Democrats want party elders to step in now to generate more “superdelegate” support for Obama, effectively choking off Clinton’s hopes before she can bolster them further.

Brilliant! Because Clinton might ultimately prove herself to be the better candidate we need to stop this thing now and hand the nomination to Obama. Only politicians could concoct such logic and only the major media outlets could report on it with such a straight face.

Look, Clinton is NOT trying to sabotage the party despite what Obama supporters want us to believe. She’s running for president and she still has a very legitimate shot thanks to the superdelegates. Her continued involvement is not only logical but probably even beneficial to the party because it keeps Democrats and their ideas as the daily lead story.

I love how, on one hand, Obama is presented as the voice of a new era of politics while, on the other hand, his campaign and supporters are involved in blatant and blatantly old fashioned arm twisting and gamesmanship. His campaign is trying to scare the party into ending the race early. If he can’t even unite his own party without resorting to such cheap tactics, how is he going to unite the nation?

The more I see Obama in action the more I realize he’s no less a typical politician than any other man or woman who’s ever run for president. Sure, he may actually be the most qualified because he is a highly intelligent person with a clear ability to inspire, but anyone who votes for him because they think he will transform politics as we know it is deceiving themselves. The man plays the game extremely well, but he’s not going to be changing the rules.

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