So, in an interview with the New York Times James Carville referred to Bill Richardson as “Judas” for endorsing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Richardson has declined to stoop to Carville’s level but did comment on the Clinton campaign’s “personal venom” and “sense of entitlement.”

I’m not sure what Carville’s plan was with that remark – most likely he was just being the Raggin’ Cajun, getting into a scrap because he doesn’t know how else to compete. Or maybe he’s setting up a “Clinton as victim” storyline. After all, if Richardson is Judas, that makes Clinton … yeah, ok, that’s not going to work.

Clinton has gotten overly harsh treatment from the media and others but she’s no victim. In fact, I think the whole “sense of entitlement” aspect is the single biggest reason why she’s behind. She’s the New England Patriots of the political world – so convinced of her own invincibility that, when the tides turned, she didn’t know how to play from behind. Carville’s comment suggests she’s still struggling with the underdog role and won’t likely find a way to reverse her fortunes before time runs out.

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