I may not have five American flag stickers on my car or bake apple pie from scratch every day, but I love baseball. In Little League I was the worst second baseman (baselittlegirl?) ever, but my collection of baseball cards was top notch (hehehe) and I had a life-size poster of Nolan Ryan on my bedroom wall. I remember fondly driving up to Arlington Stadium in Texas with my Dad, drinking ice-cold cokes on the way and seeing Nolan Ryan’s 5000th strikeout. Baseball is happy-making, baseball is playtime.

Now that I am completely grown up and matured, I go to baseball games with as many friends as possible; we pack into Safeco and scream our lungs out for the heck of it. TODAY IS OPENING DAY.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to Love Seattle Mariner’s Baseball:

  1. Beer at Pyramid Brewery before the game. A no-brainer really; grab a chilly Hefeweizen (or three) at Pyramid for half the price of the drinks next door at SAFECO Field. Finding a table inside can be an exercise in complete futility, but grabbing a beer in the giant beer garden outside is as easy as a McDonald’s fast-food apple pie (I would say easy as pie but that’s a misnomer- have you ever actually made a pie? Not easy). Pyramid Beer is now the official beer of the Mariners, so you can get officially buzzed before the game.
  2. Kids in the stands who have no idea about steroids, gambling addiction, Pete Rose, or $8 beers; they are just there to enjoy the game and be inducted into the great pastime of the U.S. of A. Do you see their wide eyes and big smiles as they wave blue foam fingers for whoever just hit the ball? Soak it up.
  3. Ichiro. When I worked at a fancy hotel in downtown Seattle, they estimated that 20% of their guests were Japanese tourists who come our city primarily to see the great Ichiro. That’s a lot of revenue for Seattle, AND we all know just like the Japanese that Ichiro ROCKS, hands down and batting average up!
  4. Peanuts, Nachos, and Hotdogs. I’ll skip the crackerjacks with the junk prizes and dive into a giant plastic tray of chips, “cheese”, and jalapenos, thank you very much. Of course, the food in any ballpark is WAY overpriced and slightly unhealthy, but nothing goes with a baseball game better than food you eat with your hands.
  5. The Cheap Seats. For $8 you can get a ticket in the nosebleed section, the center field bleachers. You can’t see the batter’s expression or the pitcher’s evil eye, but you can get loud and crazy and hoot and holler with the rest of the ruffians. When the Mariners aren’t winning the cheap seats are almost empty and it becomes your own little world. Your own little peanut-throwing, heckling, beer-spilling world.
  6. SAFECO Field. Our stadium is nice and all but the view it owns is nothing short of spectacular. Take in the game along with a fat view of downtown Seattle and a sunset over Puget Sound at weeknight games. Enjoy the Emerald City and be glad your home is chock full of mountains and water. Luck-ee!
  7. THWACK!!! The sound of a player’s bat connecting with the ball is a sound of joy, of mirth, of play; it connects with our hearts too and we all look up, hoping to see the little spot in the big sky, headed our way.

Play is important in life, much more so than big screen TVs, fancy BMW’s or stainless steel kitchen appliances. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” So get out there and catch a Seattle Mariner’s game this season and see how many of my Top 7 you can experience at one game. Play ball, and enjoy life!

Sports Opening Day: Top 7 Reasons to Love Seattle Mariners Baseball