Public Policy Polling has the numbers (pdf file)

After a week in which both candidates spent a lot of time in North Carolina Barack Obama has retained a large lead in the state, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling.

Obama leads Clinton 54-36. His lead is particularly strong among likely voters who do not have a history of voting in primaries. With that group he has a 60-32 advantage.

“Throughout the country Barack Obama has had a lot of success in generating support from folks who aren’t always a part of the political process,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “His campaign appears to be creating that same sort of excitement in North Carolina, and it’s showing in the polls.”

Now he has declined a couple points since last week when he lead by 20, but it’s still an overwhelming lead and it seems to be holding. There’s lots of time for Hillary to catch up, but she can’t like these numbers.

What’s more, when you look at the issues, Obama is dominating the issues that matter most to voters…including Hillary’s supposed power alley: health care.

O/H %s
Education – 72/17
War in Iraq – 58/35
Economy and Jobs – 55/38
Health Care – 57/35

Here’s where Hillary leads:
Taxes – 42/45
Moral or Family Values – 52/29
Immigration – 48/32

More as it develops…

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