MSNBC has scoop:

BREAKING – Soon after word leaked that Secretary Rice spoke in a closed session to Grover Norquist’s Amercians for Tax Reform yesterday morning in Washington, the blogosphere began to speculate that Rice must be floating the idea of running on a ticket with John McCain.

Today, McCain’s spokesman confirmed the rumors and announced Rice has accepted an offer from the campaign. The move comes as a surprise to party insiders since Rice had insisted her talk to Norquist’s group was all about U.S. foreign policy and Rice herself dismissed the idea last month when asked at a press conference if she would consider running as Vice President.

My question: does Rice really help McCain? I thought he’d need more of an economy hawk, not a war hawk. And doesn’t she carry a lot of foreign policy baggage from the Bush administration? Consider me a bit puzzled by this.

Still, it’s a shrewd move in more ways than one. Because now it doesn’t really matter if Obama or Hillary gets the nomination. Rice blunts any identity politicking in one fell swoop.

More as it develops…

Got ya. 😉

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