Well, first off, you have to read this post where she mocks people who were trying to have one hour of no energy consumption around the world.

In response, she proposed the following…

  1. Cranking up your thermostats.
  2. Returning your CFLs.
  3. Protesting PETA’s animal cruelty and animal rights/environmental terrorism.
  4. Purchasing a carbon debit package.
  5. Informing your local public school teacher of Al Gore’s electric bill before he/she attempts to cram “An Inconvenient Truth” down your kid’s throat.
  6. Reproducing!
  7. Sending your favorite SUV-basher to visit The Concourse of Hypocrisy.
  8. And using as much toilet paper as you damned well please, guilt-free, while humming Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do:”

It’s amazing how she can’t seem to grasp that our collective energy consumption has contributed to us having to fight the WOT. That’s A1 on the list of why she gives me the creeps.

But to propose consuming more energy just to stick it to liberals? “Let’s destroy our planet so the liberals won’t win!” That’s not just creepy, it’s uber-creepy. How can somebody be so blindly partisan to propose something like that? Simply boggles my mind.

And yes, folks like Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy give me the creeps too.

Some think this is an Aprils Fool’s joke. And yes, I read that she wished everybody a happy April 1 and I get that she’s attempting to make it sound like she’s exaggerating.

But that’s the funniest part for me…because this sounds like stuff she’d normally say. And folks, you can’t say something is a joke if it falls in line with your ideology. Well, you can, but it reveals you to be a craven hack.

So who’s the joke on again?

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