As if you needed a reason to encourage people to use, let me tell you about my experience going to the burlesque show my wife found on the site.

You gotta love impulsive outings to great events, and last night CultureMob inspired just that. At around 7 pm, I got an IM from my wife who had just found the Atomic Bombshells show on the site, so, after wrapping up some work I met her at the Triple Door for some dinner and the show.

Before going in to the theater, though, we sat at the bar where the refreshingly enthusiastic Baby Gramps was playing. He is a foot-stomping guitar player / vocalist who occasionally got on the kazoo and was so lively I got the image of an slightly haywire animatronic singer. I was too entranced with his performance to understand the words in his grizzly voiced singing. Accompanying him was someone on doll piano, and another on harmonica and washboard. They were a load of fun.

The Atomic Bombshells, a burlesque troop displaced from “the city that care forgot” after Katrina, are a top-notch group, delivering high quality burlesque with all the glitz and spice to make for a spectacle of an evening. This is classic burlesque: silly stories, bawdy humor, wild sets, over-the-top costumes and of course, tassel twirling.

So find something and go out – be impulsive. It just might play out into a great evening.

Update: Just because it makes a better story doesn’t make it true. Failed to fact-check. Bad Mike, no banana.

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