Down from the record he set in February, but it would have been impossible to keep that pace up.

Good news for Hillary too. Insiders say she raised nearly $20M, but check out the wording here from TIME:

Barack Obama raised more than $30 million in the month of March, a campaign official told TIME on Tuesday.

Though the official would not provide an exact number, he did say, “The number starts with a three and we are still counting. It’s in the 30s.” […]

As of Tuesday night, the Clinton campaign had not released its March totals. But one Clinton campaign adviser hinted that the New York senator’s total for the month will come close to $20 million. That estimate could not be independently confirmed.

However, there’s a lot of difference between raising $30M and some number that’s in the 30s. And since we know Hill’s people said “close to $20,” I’m speculating that Hill raised $19M and Obama raised $38M or double.

Here’s why this makes sense. He raised $55M in February, so to think his total dropped by $25M to right at $30M seems unrealistic to me. However, we can take a look at Hill’s numbers from Feb and work backwards. At that time she raised $36M, so a drop of $17M would put her at right around $19M. If Obama dropped the same $17M, he would be right at $38M. Basically, if fundraising is down, it would probably be a uniform drop.

In any event, we’ll have to wait and see.

Business Obama Pulls In Over $30M In March, Hillary Nears $20M