Turd Blossom sat down with GQ and here’s what came out.

On Obamacans:

But take a look at the last four polls on which there are cross tabs available. There are twice as many Democrats defecting to McCain as there are Republicans defecting to Obama. In the Fox poll, Obama takes 74 percent of Democrats and loses 18 to McCain. And McCain keeps 80 percent of Republicans and loses 10 to Obama. And in every one of the polls, it’s nearly twice as many Democrats defect to McCain as Republicans defect to Obama. And against Clinton, it’s three times as many. Know why? Well, there are a lot of different reasons why.

There are Democrats, particularly blue-collar Democrats, who defect to McCain because they see McCain as a patriotic figure and they see Obama as an elitist who’s looking down his nose at ’em. Which he is.

This sounds pretty standard, but if the “Obamacan” thing is a myth, that needs to be addressed by the campaign. Maybe that’s why we’re not hearing him talk too much about it anymore? It used to be part of his stump speech, but I haven’t see it lately. Interesting…

And, on his respect for Hillary (interviewer’s questions bolded):

I get the sense you respect Hillary more than you respect Obama.
Off the record?

Please don’t go off the record.
Off the record… [Yeah, it’s good. Sorry.]

Damn! Now say that on the record.
No. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Let’s try again, then: on the record. I get the sense you respect her more than him.
Uh, I know her better than I know him. And I just, uh—she has been around public life a lot longer and has demonstrated, you know, more involvement than he has.

This makes sense. Rove likes to fight and the Clinton’s are brawlers. There’s not doubt about that. But this is a preview of the “lightweight” meme that they’ll hit Obama with in the Fall. Too young, too inexperienced, too elitist.

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