From Rasmussen:

In February, the number of Democrats in the United States soared to the highest level ever measured by Rasmussen Reports—41.5%. In March, despite the squabbling among their leading Presidential candidates, the Democrats held on to those gains–41.1% now consider themselves Democrats. Those figures reflect a sharp increase from the 36.3% who considered themselves Democrats in December 2007. (see history from January 2004 to present).

The number of Republicans remained fairly steady in March at 32.1%. That’s up just three-tenths of a percentage point from February but down two full points from 34.2% in December.

Here’s how it breaks out by gender…

The gains for the Democrats were especially strong among women. In March, 46% of women considered themselves to be Democrats, up from 40% in December. The number of women identifying themselves as Republicans fell from 33% to 30% during that same time frame.

Among men, 36% were Republicans in December and 34% said the same in March. The number of men who are Democrats increased from 33% in December to 36% in March.

Women are breaking big for the Dems. Could this be the Hillary effect?

Also, the fact that Dems finally have men on their side is pretty significant as well.

More as it develops…

Politics Poll: Dem Party ID At Highest Level Yet